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About us

DESCAMPS.TECHNOLOGY is an artificial intelligence company using data from its own sensors. We made the choice of creating our proprietary sensing to enable powerful artificial intelligence, aiming at high data rates and quality measurements. Our electronics designs are breakthrough in smartHomes ecosystems regarding acuity and data protection. Privacy is one of our main priority. Most of our methods can be implemented in small embedded environments.

We offer a wide range of behaviors detections for elderly care, hotels, ambulatory care, hygiene survey, energy saving, air quality and crowd flow.

Our clients are large hotel chains in Asia, property developers and elderly homes conglomerates. We are preparing a B2C version of our product today.

What we offer

Our young team is growing in view of a large scale deployment. Joining us today is an opportunity for wider responsibilities in the very near future. We are looking for highly motivated people with outstanding technical skills, creativity and perseverance. In a highly innovative environment like ours, team players, inventors and all-rounders are the most welcome.

This is a permanent position, starting as soon as possible, according to your availability.

Today, we are deploying a large fleet of sensors. You will be responsible for assessing data quality and analysis. You will define the best strategy for signal processing in our edge-AI systems. You will think and implement solutions, and be responsible for their effectiveness through monitoring algorithms you will have developed. As part of the team, you will contribute to the overall strategic planning.

We are looking for talents, and each talent is unique. So do not hesitate to apply, even if you think your profile differs from our descriptions.

Hong Kong

The real city of Hong Kong is far from its recent image in the western media. As westerners living here, we would describe it as a megapole rooted in several natural parks with tropical mountains and large sand beaches. The Hongkongers are very welcoming and the city is an ideal base camp to the Asian world.

We are aware that the city is one of the most expensive in the world. In our package, beside full health insurance and travel expenses, we included a compensation that will make your housing costs at the same level of those of cities in Europe.

We want to make your move to Asia as easy as possible. We will assist in moving and settling down in our city. Our Toulouse office can welcome you during your probationary period and give you all the needed time for a carefree relocation.

Signal processing engineers

PhD or Engineering diploma in fields where time series and signal processing play a major role. This can be electronics, radar, medical imaging, physics or audio/video applications.

You have an excellent understanding of frequency analysis, Fourier and Laplace transforms as well as wavelet decompositions. Mathematics is your strong point and you have already written some number crunching applications.

Programming is one of your strength and you are familiar with Python and C++.

English is our working language. This position is Honk Kong based, and you will join us there.

Bonus experience
- Good practice of embedded system environments,
- Excellent knowledge of statistics and signal entropy methods,
- Non-linear filtering,
- Used to the Mathematica platform.

Artificial Intelligence experts

PhD in the fields of machine learning/deep learning with strong experience in CNN and HMM.

You are a hands-on person, able to rapidly create prototypes and produce first results as proof of concept. You are not a pure theoretician and you like to see a product working in real life.

You have the skills for developing your own analysis tools for embedded and cloud systems. Your understanding of artificial intelligence underlying theories makes you independent of existing libraries and tools.

You are familiar with Python and C++.

English is our working language. This position is Honk Kong based, and you should be ready to join us there.

Bonus experience
- C++ and python programming,
- Used to the Mathematica platform.

Embedded system engineers

Engineer, MSc with experience or Bachelor Degree with strong experience in Linux systems administration.

You will be responsible for designing our remote systems running A.I. algorithms on small embedded computers (Raspberry Pi like).

You bring with you an excellent knowledge of the Linux kernel and you are able to create or adapt existing modules. I/O like wifi, bluetooth or Modbus have no secret to you.

You have excellent programming skills in object oriented programming. You have been practising design patterns and have experience in architecture.

English is our working language. This position is Toulouse-France based, with frequent travels to Hong Kong.

Bonus experience
- C++ and Python programming,
- Gitlab automation and pipelines,
- Good practices in unit testing.

Product designer

Any experience in product design.

You will invent our interaction with our final users. As an inventive and intuitive person, you understand how to translate the dry language of A.I. numbers into a useful and human interface.

Practicability - efficiency - minimalism is your motto. You understand the user stand point and you know how to ease her/his journey in the discovery of our services. You also understand the difficult taks of engineers to develop robust products. You have a vision (we all do), but you are pragmatic and think forward a step by step implementation.

Design tools and techniques are not an issue, you master them all and you learn rapidly.

English is our working language. This position is in Hong Kong or Toulouse-France, with frequent travels to Hong Kong.

Bonus experience
- Excellent practice of Addobe tools,
- Eperience in Python and Node JS,
- 3D design tools.

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