Getting started

This document will help you getting the most out of your sensor in no time. At this time, the Ambient 16 is only integrated to open source environments and not to commercial ones like HomeKit, Google and Amazon. This will come later.

Step 1 - Make it yours

This first step is the only mandatory one. Ambient 16 will only answer to their true owner. Out of the box, the sensors are awaiting pairing. Through this pairing, beyond WiFi credentials, it will receive your user identity. From then on it will only answer to you.

  • Get the Ambient 16 pairing App here.

  • Create your account (first time only)

  • Scan the Ambient 16 QR code

  • Give it your home WiFi password.

Once paired, your sensor is ready go !

Read the section Installing the sensor to get all the detailed informations for pairing process.

Step 2 - First interactions

The Ambient 16 behaviors are highly customizable. Out of the box, it has two events set by defaults. It will recognize motions. Connect the Ambient 16, and move your hand from right to left, then from left to right. The device will light up cyan and orange.



You will probably notice that the module gets confused if you move your hand too fast and too close to the module. Also when two consecutive hand motions are too close in time. This is because the Ambient 16 analyses the motion as long as there is a motion to analyse. Moving the hand from right to left, then in the opposite direction is interpreted as single motion. Try to be absolutely motionless and give it a second between two hand passes.

From then on, you know that your Ambient 16 is alive, well connected to the WiFi and ready to sense your environment.

Read the section Measured Environmental Values to get all the informations on how the sensor measures its environment.

Step 3 - Looking at data

Your Ambient 16 is now sending data and events to our cloud infrastructure.

Log to our cloud at Thibaud will add the link to log on our cloud.

There you get access to an online version of live curve graphics display. You can see data history being updated every 10 seconds.


By default, your Ambient 16 sends data and events to our cloud. Data will only be kept seven days. They will not be communicated to third parties. Our development team cannot access them. Data is stored anonymously.

However, you are not bound to use our cloud infrastructure. The sensor is totally open and you may decide to create your own infrastructure on your favorite Raspberry or NAS. It is yours to decide. And yes, you can have both our cloud and your infrastructure running in parallel. These are your data. You decide what to do with it.

Read the section Accessing data to get all the informations on how to access to the data sent by the sensor.

Step 4 - Create your own infrastructure

Thibaud will present soon the creation of your own infrastructure.

Read the section Creating your own infrastructure.

Step 5 - Open source SmartHome environments

Frédéric will present soon the open source SmartHome environments.

Read the section Installing in usual SmartHome environments

Step 6 - Creating your own application

Thibaud will present soon the creation of your own application.

Read the section Sample codes