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Advanced signal processing and pattern identification

For multisensing to work, signals need to be synchronised. This is an orchestra.
These are not independent sensors.

We collect around 50 Mbytes of data per day in an average installation.
Our A.I. pinpoints life events in this multi-dimensional space, like for instance a shower.

Edge A.I.

Carefully designed A.I. always ends up into a matrix multiplication.
Complicated A.I. ends up on the Amazon cloud.

We are masters at designing small and optimised mathematical computing.
Even complex neural networks can be expressed as simple matrix multiplications.
This is our secret for keeping A.I. on the edge and not in the cloud.

Wavelet transforms experts

This is not a flower field but our A.I. at work.
Good mathematics is often beautiful.

We have developed proprietary wavelet analysis in real time for identification of sound and signal patterns.
With a low footprint in memory and processing power, we are able to characterize tiny details within a global context.