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Ambient 16

Many sensors in a single 5x5 cm box, flat sensitive surface, any color. AI included.

temperature – humidity – air pressure – ndir co2 – light intensity and solar/artificial light detection – sound level ­and identification – vibration 
presence  – motion speed, direction ­­­and distance­– orientation – no hub – WiFi – portable, magnetic or as wall socket – Edge A.I.

Heatmap 32

Facial recognition is not a threat when it is not possible.

A low-resolution infrared radar for silhouettes and postures identification.
Activitity identification with neural network on chip. Fever detection.
Flow tracking for public areas and retail stores.

Nose 4

Because life does not always smell the way it should.

Complex organic molecules identification with electrochemical sensors.
5x5 cm. Embedded neural networking. Pee, poo, sewer, garbage, musty air, perspiration.