• Ambient 16

    16 senses for your home in a compact 5x5 square

  • DIY ready

    No hub. Open. Fully customizable

  • Integrated

    MQTT and InfluxDB ready. Suitable with most platforms.

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The most complete and open smart home sensor in the World.


Temperature – Air pressure – Relative Humidity – Condensation – Motion speed – Presence – Motion type – Motion direction – NDIR CO2 – Light intensity – Light Type – Artificial light kind – Sound intensity – Sound parameters – Vibrations – Attitude – Radiative and conductive heat.


InfluxDB and MQTT ready. You are free to use our cloud or easily create your own infrastructure at home. The sensor is controlled through its web interface. You have full control.


Smart-Home data should remain private. They are yours. Our cloud offers full SSL encryption. We even offer a cloudless solution for your data to stay at home. Sensors are fully compliant with the European GDPR. No camera, No voice recording as certified by SGS.


We provide all API and software tutorials for you to invent. A real smart-home projects booster for beginners and advanced users. Currently, we foresee an out-of-the-box integration to OpenHab, Homebridge.io, Home Assistant, Jeedom, ioBroker, Domoticz, Pimatic, PiDome. Want to help ? Just contact us.

Soon on kickstarter

We have 1000 ready for you. Help us with integration and production !

Your time to invent !

We want to enable your projects. That's why we created this sensor.

Energy savings

Is the air conditioning running for no-one? Is a room well insulated? Are lights burning unnecessarily? Are showers too long? How can I optimize the water boiler?

Ask our sensor to help!


Is the temperature comfy? Is there any risk of molds in the bathroom? Do plants get enough light? Monitor traffic noise and pollution. Are the toilets presently radioactive? How to automatically control shutters when there is too much Sun heat?

Life coach

Do I sleep enough in a suitable noise, air and darkness environment? Are the kids spending too much time looking at TV? How many times do I open the fridge for snacks? Is grandmother OK? Is the dog in its doghouse? How can I teach my kids to switch off the lights? How to minimize dust mites allergy?

Appliances survey

How many washing cycles are done per week? Is it worth using the dryer? Is the fridge running efficiently? Can the aircon be used less for the same comfort? Is the dishwasher really so silent? Is my sound system too loud for my room mate?


  • “ A smart-home is a home where life gets better. ”

    Our team motto - Descamps.Technology
  • “ To me, DIY means minimizing dependency on what others make for me. ”

    Fumio Sasaki - Author
  • “ Necessity may be the mother of invention, but play is certainly the father. ”

    Roger von Oech - Businessman

Sample codes

Relax and get our sample codes to make your sensor works. Easy.


Soon on Kickstarter... but we have a lot ready for early adopters here!

$ 79.99
Discovery kit.

1 black or white sensor. One slim power supply. Wall stand. Table stand

$ 239.99
Deployment kit.

4 black or white sensors plus one for free !

$ 59.99
Single sensor

1 black or white sensor (without slim power supply)


Power supplies and stands. All you need for placing your sensors seamlessly in your home.


See the sensors in action.

How CO2 works.

A video that explains the physics of CO2 sensors and why ours is top notch.

Working in Hong Kong.

On the hunt for materials in Hong Kong, Mong Kok.

AI powered motion sensing.

How AI makes motion sensing much more clever.

Battery powered?

Battery or not battery, that is the question.

Thermal mapping

We create a quality estimator based on air quality, temperature and sound level.

Energy saving

A time lapse on Hong Lonk Harbour.

No voice recording

Voice recording is inhibited by hardware. See how...

Sham Shui Po

On the hunt for a Synology NAS.

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