Our AI cares for your loved ones

Meet your virtual caregiver: Keeping an eye on your elderly parents with daily updates and smart recommendations.

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Here's how it works: Four discreet sensors are effortlessly installed in your home, connecting seamlessly to your WiFi. Our AI processes this data anonymously, providing daily brief updates. In case of emergencies, immediate alerts are sent out by the virtual nurse. Plus, you have the convenience of asking questions and receiving recommendations anytime. We support popular platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, WeChat, and, of course, our exclusive app is available too.


Experience comprehensive monitoring with our system, designed to track an array of activities including sleep duration, shower habits, cooking routines, nocturnal activities, TV viewing schedules, bowel movements, nap times, periods of absence, insomnia, sleep apnea, signs of dementia, general well-being, fall prevention and air quality.

Our advanced technology ensures extensive detection of various behaviors and conditions, all without the need for cameras or microphones. We prioritize your privacy by design, offering you a sophisticated yet discreet monitoring solution.

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